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Just went to see a remarkably good king Lear performance ( preceded by burrito. I'd forgotten how much i enjoy a good theatre performance.

I have also discovered the Skeptics in a pub book club where a bunch of intelligent people read a decent pop science book and discuss it. I went to the last one and had a fantastic time. The book was "Delusions of Gender", and discussions ranged from personal experience to experts in related fields quoting results from various research papers and mad googling for a relevant paper someone half remembered and then trying to draw flowcharts to work out what the hell it was getting at. Plus lots of discussions of interesting tangents.

I haven't finished all of "Delusions of Gender", but it had some interesting information on it and is definitely written by someone who understands science. A couple points that stood out to me was the strong effect of gender bias in things like maths tests where there is an expectation that men do better. According to the studies quoted, having more men than woman taking the test, how the test is introduced (e.g. woman do better/same/worse then men) and even having a male/female check box at the start of the maths test can lead to lower performance by the female participants than those that don't. Plus lots more interesting stuff. The other thing that has stuck in my mind is some quotes from 50 and 80 years about childrearing and house work that are just as applicable now as it was back then.

On the whole what I have read so far is interesting, but I would prefer the book to be more of a tighter book, and less fluff.

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